Justice Delayed is Justice Denied with Joe Killoran – Lockdown Toronto Ep.10

Joe Killoran associate lawyer at Jensen Law in Kamloops British Columbia, practising criminal defense, and writes frequently for many publications including the Sun, the Star, Ottawa Citizen, Huffington Post and more with a focus on law, politics, social justice and constitutional rights.

In this episode we discuss how lock down has affected the criminal justice system, how the Courts have unilateral decision making powers over their operations, how many accused and convicted are languishing in intolerable conditions simply because of the timing of the pandemic, the concept of prison abolitionism, the lack of supports and recidivism and how reform is necessary at all levels.

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Vancouver Sun: Joe Killoran: Police and Crown counsels must avoid detaining people for petty crimes whenever possible during pandemic

The TYEE: Bars Are Open. Why Aren’t BC’s Courts?

Joe Killoran At The Huffington Post

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Launched in April 2020, Lockdown Toronto is a new vodcast/podcast series hosted by Robert Andreacchi that focuses on the experience of living under lock down in Toronto. Lockdown Toronto will feature various guests from the medical, political, cultural, and business community, and everyone in-between.

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