Lockdown Toronto Ep.06 – Janet Joy Wilson – Build 100KM of New Bike Lanes in Toronto

Should we immediately build 100KM of cycling infrastructure in Toronto?

Janet Joy Wilson and her group organized over 50 groups and organizations to petition the city of Toronto to build 100KM of new cycling infrastructure in the City. Many Cities are rethinking the urban landscape and her group asked the City to take the opportunity and build alternative transportation corridors on our roads to allow cycling and other “last mile” vehicles. That could help establish a safer, healthier alternative to our traditional public transit network in this time of social distancing.

We discuss what that is about and what it could look like for Toronto.

You can sign the petition here:

You can reach Janet Joy Wilson here:

You can read the letter the coalition penned here:



Launched in April 2020, Lockdown Toronto is a new vodcast/podcast series hosted by Robert Andreacchi that focuses on the experience of living under lock down in Toronto. Lockdown Toronto will feature various guests from the medical, political, cultural, and business community, and everyone in-between.

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