ClusterSchmuck Onterrible with Special Guest, MPP Tom Rakocevic – Lockdown Toronto Ep.16

The failure of Ontario’s pandemic response is palpable. Ontario Premier Doug Ford has dropped the ball with what seems like reactionary and nonsensical policy measures from closing down playgrounds, to arbitrary stop and search powers given to police, to permitting Covid hotspots such as construction and warehouses to continue operating. Ontario it seems has has had enough.  

Sitting member of the official opposition, Member of Provincial Parliament Tom Rakocevic (NDP – Humber River—Black Creek) returns to Lockdown Toronto for our one-year anniversary episode and helps us understand the current frustrations with Ontario’s terrible leadership.


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Launched in April 2020, Lockdown Toronto is a new vodcast/podcast series hosted by Robert Andreacchi that focuses on the experience of living under lock down in Toronto. Lockdown Toronto will feature various guests from the medical, political, cultural, and business community, and everyone in-between.

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